Podcast 6: COP Heats Up

Things get intense as civil society demands action from Canadian Environment Minister, as well as from all negotiators. Check this out to hear about the CYD’s meeting with the Environment Minister, as well as a mass mobilized action that occurred this afternoon. “How many typhoons will it take? How many hurricanes, how many floods, how … Continue reading

Stories and symbolism: our climate legacy

photos by Megan Van Buskirk By working together on collective messaging, global youth have been successful in connecting personal stories of climate change impacts with strong symbolism. Through creative action we, the youth at COP18, reminded negotiators of the immediacy in which we need tangible solutions to climate change. Climate change isn’t something that is … Continue reading

Reflections on Political Representation, Climate Change and Youth Participation

Climate change does not respect geopolitical boundaries or subdivisions; it affects us all in different ways, and with different intensity. In this sense, forms of political representation based on territoriality are not sufficient to address climate change because of its global nature.  Although affected communities in the global south bear the greatest burden of climate … Continue reading

Think Global. Act Local.

by Megan Van Buskirk Climate change is real. It’s happening. And I literally cannot think of a more pressing issue in our past, our present, or our future. That is why I am going to COP18 in Doha, Qatar. I live in Saskatchewan, where coal-fired power plants provide the energy for over half of our … Continue reading

CYD-DJC COP18 delegates finally met!

by Megan Van Buskirk Last week, all of the CYD delegates finally met! I was so stoked to finally put faces to the emails we’ve been shooting back and forth for months and months. All of the CYD-ers met in Ottawa before PowerShift 2012 (a conference that brought together nearly 1200 youth from across Canada to work … Continue reading

Apply to be a Wings of Change Workshop Facilitator

We are looking for engaged, enthusiastic facilitators in communities across Atlantic Canada to deliver the Wings of Change climate education workshop to Canadian youth this spring. **Not in Atlantic Canada? Stay tuned, we’re expanding.. You’ll be on the front lines of a growing climate movement, bringing a for-youth, by-youth perspective on the science and the … Continue reading

To all the skeptics

By Karen Rooney To all the skeptics. You might think that jetting halfway across the world to attend a conference on climate change is a little offensive. Well, I think that having a government who ignores me and jeopardizes my future is offensive. I think I have a duty to hold my government to account … Continue reading