Signs of Solidarity in a Desert Barren of Compassion

Four days ago, Doha held its first ever civil society march for climate justice.  The night before, I was able to attend the Middle East premiere of Amy Miller’s powerful documentary “The Carbon Rush”. This past weekend was literally the first time throughout the course of COP18 where I have felt a strong sense of … Continue reading

The International Carbon Casino: Putting the Biosphere Up as Collateral

Halfway through COP17 and one critical point of contention has yet to be resolved: the role of market mechanisms in financing and facilitating climate solutions.  This factor is absolutely essential in determining the future of the Earth’s biosphere.  What I am arguing is that possibly a worse outcome than the entire UNFCCC process collapsing, would … Continue reading

CYD Podcast- Global Day of Action

The CYD brings you the voices and sounds of the Global Day of Action in Durban.  We hear from a man who works for Groundworks, an grassroots environmental organization  in South Africa, and Tom Goldtooth, an Indigenous leader from the United States. Brigette Depape also gives us a policy update after our first week at … Continue reading

People Hugging: UNFCCC Forest Policy Needs A Climate Justice Framework

The importance of the world’s forests and the role that environmental activism surrounding forests have helped to shape a public perception that being an environmentalist means that you’re a “tree hugger.” While my “first word” as a child was in fact “tree,” I organize around climate justice because I hug people – or at least care … Continue reading

News on the ground: everything is up in the air

Amara Possian This morning, CYD took down our booth in Cancunmesse and set up a strategic home base under an escalator near a power outlet in Moon Palace, where the negotiations are taking place. We’re in constant communication with the other half of the delegation at the hostel and our home team back in Canada … Continue reading

Getting Started (COY, Day 2)

When I arrived yesterday, I seriously considered panicking. I was anxious to get started, but just wasn’t sure what exactly I should be starting. Today at that Conference of Youth (COY), I was somehow able to put some of the pieces together…

People’s Assemblies and Climate Justice Are the UN climate talks the only way?

By Daniel T’seleie What is a People’s Assembly on Climate Justice? And why should we care about them or participate in them? A People’s Assembly is when community members gather to discuss climate justice; the impacts of climate change, the historical causes of climate change, and appropriate solutions to climate change. This is not just … Continue reading