Where the battle stands, and what YOU can do right now

COP18 is stretching into overtime, and it’s becoming a bitter battle. Wealthy nations and the poorer countries, bearing the brunt of climate impacts, are at loggerheads over who will shoulder the financial burden of climate change. The text on the table is being opposed by many. The issue at hand is finance. Developed countries committed … Continue reading

A Deafening Silence That Speaks The Truth

Today, two youth from the Arab Youth Climate Movement stood silently holding a banner asking the question “Qatar, why host, not lead?” For this devious act, they were de-badged, escorted out by UNFCCC security and promptly deported from the country. This, coming on the heels of multiple calls to action from the UNFCCC Executive Secretary … Continue reading

Climate activists hit the streets in Doha

Today I participated in Qatar’s first civil society march against climate change. Youth filled the streets to fight for climate justice. This podcast features a series of interviews with two members from the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCN), thoughts from a young woman living in Qatar named Zayna, an interview with Steven Guilbeault, the deputy … Continue reading

Climate Change Negotiations in a Petroleum State

A hot topic right now involves a global scrutiny of COP18’s host country, Qatar. For example, Qatar has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions. Qataris also have the highest ecological footprints. Thirdly, Qatar has the third largest natural gas reserves on the planet, and is one of the world’s main exporters of liquefied natural … Continue reading

Tackling climate change from the air-conditioned desert

by Alana Westwood This piece was originally posted at the blog It’s The Ecology Stupid, and is cross-posted at gapingwhole. COP 18, this year’s installment of the annual United Nations climate negotiations, opened yesterday in Doha, Qatar. In the 28°C winter of Qatar, dust shifts on the street as I make my way to the shuttle. … Continue reading

CYD-DJC COP18 delegates finally met!

by Megan Van Buskirk Last week, all of the CYD delegates finally met! I was so stoked to finally put faces to the emails we’ve been shooting back and forth for months and months. All of the CYD-ers met in Ottawa before PowerShift 2012 (a conference that brought together nearly 1200 youth from across Canada to work … Continue reading