Reflections on PowerShift 2012: The Opportunity to Build a Multi-Issue Movement

By Peggy Lam One of my favourite moments at PowerShift 2012 was attending the panel which spoke of “Building a Multi-Issue Movement for Climate Justice.” Among the list of insightful and experienced panelists (such as Clayton-Thomas Muller, Sarah-Jayne King, and Dave Bleakney) was Harsha Walia, a deeply respected local organizer based in Vancouver, who blew my … Continue reading

Réflexions sur PowerShift 2012

par Nadia Kanji PowerShift a été une expérience enrichissante mettant l’emphase sur les approches diverses et créatives que l’on puisse utiliser pour lutter contre l’inaction face aux problématiques environnementales. Grâce à  de nombreux ateliers sur le capitalisme, les médias, les actions politiques, et bien d’autres, nous avons appris sur l’élaboration de stratégies pour la construction d’un mouvement … Continue reading

CYD-DJC COP18 delegates finally met!

by Megan Van Buskirk Last week, all of the CYD delegates finally met! I was so stoked to finally put faces to the emails we’ve been shooting back and forth for months and months. All of the CYD-ers met in Ottawa before PowerShift 2012 (a conference that brought together nearly 1200 youth from across Canada to work … Continue reading

CYD 2012 retreat

by Alana Westwood After months of conference calls, individuals plugging away at strategies and programming on their laptops from couches, desks, coffee shops, and (I dare say) the occasional pub on their laptops, this year’s CYDers met one another in person for the first time. The energy in the room was palpable as the CYD … Continue reading

Nuclear, Tar Sands, and Our Future: Making The Connections

by Megan Van Buskirk Youth are often at the forefront of the environmental movement. While it is vital to remember that the cure to the climate crisis is intergenerational support systems, it is the reality that the youth of today comprise the generation that will suffer from the consequences of today’s decisions. Power Shift 2012 will … Continue reading

Canadian Youth Delegation to COP18 selected

by Alana Westwood This year’s Canadian Youth Delegation to the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC has been selected! Comprised of young leaders and activists from across the nation, stay tuned for more information and upcoming actions and media releases. You can view their bios here, and CYD members are busy gearing up as organizers, … Continue reading