Podcast 6: COP Heats Up

Things get intense as civil society demands action from Canadian Environment Minister, as well as from all negotiators. Check this out to hear about the CYD’s meeting with the Environment Minister, as well as a mass mobilized action that occurred this afternoon. “How many typhoons will it take? How many hurricanes, how many floods, how … Continue reading

Podcast 5: Standing in Solidarity with the Philippines

As a typhoon sweeps across the Philippines, there was an action organized today in solidarity with the Philippines delegation who are urging for more climate action. This podcast features snippets of the action and interviews with Mary Ann Lucille Sering, minister of the Climate Change Commission from the Philippines, as well as the Vice-Minister for climate change … Continue reading

Climate activists hit the streets in Doha

Today I participated in Qatar’s first civil society march against climate change. Youth filled the streets to fight for climate justice. This podcast features a series of interviews with two members from the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCN), thoughts from a young woman living in Qatar named Zayna, an interview with Steven Guilbeault, the deputy … Continue reading