Breaking and Building – Resistance in the Midst of Collapse

The sky is breaking here in Durban. Just as I arrive at Speakers’ Corner for Occupy COP17’s all-night candlelit vigil, the clouds that have been looming ominously over the city all day finally let go. It starts pouring. All us candleholders take shelter underneath a plastic tarp, and we begin our general assembly. “Let’s show … Continue reading

People Rising Up at COP17!

By Karen Rooney As I am writing this youth and civil society from around the world are storming the halls of the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. This is the voice of the people. It can’t be stopped and it can’t be deafened any longer. People are tired of empty promises and tired … Continue reading

Capitalism is the Cause of Climate Change

by Chris Bisson Yesterday I attended a march for the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. The atmosphere was lively as thousands of protesters (estimated at 6,500) demonstrated against the failure of parties to negotiate fair and ambitious solutions to the current climate crisis. As the global working class filled the streets of Durban … Continue reading

Occupy COP-Finding Real Solutions to the Climate Crisis

By Kaleigh McGregor-Bales “We only have one planet so we have to get this right. The space ship they are building is only for the rich and the powerful. We won’t be on that spaceship,”  Yvette, an Indigenous South African explained, and we all echoed back through the people’s microphone, at the opening of the … Continue reading

Climate Crisis in the Age of Austerity

by Chris Bisson The crowds of international power brokers are amassing in Durban, South Africa and a rainy chill has set over the sub-tropical port city.  As the curtain rises over the spectacle of the international climate negotiation, spectres of financial ghosts loom in the alleyways of South Africa – so divided by wealth – … Continue reading

CYD Podcast #3: Climate Justice and the Occupy Movement

  In this week’s podcast, we head down to St. James Park and City Hall to speak with Occupy Toronto organizers Jenny Isaacs and Sarah Rotz about the occupy movement and its relevance and impact on global climate justice initiatives.