Climate Change Negotiations in a Petroleum State

A hot topic right now involves a global scrutiny of COP18’s host country, Qatar. For example, Qatar has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions. Qataris also have the highest ecological footprints. Thirdly, Qatar has the third largest natural gas reserves on the planet, and is one of the world’s main exporters of liquefied natural … Continue reading

Canada abandons the Kyoto Protocol

Yesterday, Canada’s Environment Minister announced that Canada will be formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol. Members of the Canadian Youth Delegation released the following statement:  While not surprising, Peter Kent’s latest announcement is an outstanding example of our government’s loyal service to the fossil fuel industry. Just hours after returning from Durban, our Environment Minister … Continue reading

Economic Shortsightedness of Pulling Out of the Kyoto Protocol

by Chris Bisson Last night Environment Minister Peter Kent reported that Canada would be pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol.  This disappointing announcement came under the guise of a Canadian economic crisis.  The statement that Canada needs fiscal austerity instead of the most basic and already existing climate policy is absurd considering that it is … Continue reading

Durban Climate Summit Saves Face at the Expense of Future Generations

the following is a statement from the Canadian Youth Delegation As the sun rose over Durban, youth from across Canada sat in the final plenary session of COP17 and watched through bleary, sleep deprived eyes as our futures were bargained away in the name of “good” diplomacy. Despite the fact that COP17 is being touted … Continue reading

Canada – COP17 UPDATE

by Ani and Chris UPDATE: 06:00 Thanks-you comments ensued 05:05am The formal meeting commenced with the purpose to pass all outstanding texts, notably the KP and LCA texts deferred to the COP/CMP. Amendment that the length of commitment period of for AWG-KP for the KP2 to be determined at next sitting of the group. Bolivia … Continue reading

COP Gossip: Deal or No Deal?

OMG, you will not believe what happened at COP today. At this stage in the game the negotiators have submitted draft texts to the High Level Ministers where the final decisions will be made tomorrow (or early Saturday if it comes to that). Equity and the gap in ambition between what emissions reductions have been … Continue reading

Welcome to COP17 Peter Kent!

By Karen Rooney It should be no surprise to you by now, dear readers, that the Canadian agenda in COP17 has been dictated by polluting industries and tar sands lobbyists. So if I were to tell you that Peter Kent started his stay in Durban with a bang yesterday, when he announced that Canada would … Continue reading