What is democracy if you can’t speak out?

By Robin Tress This morning, in a briefing with the Canadian Delegation, Malkolm asked an (apparently) very difficult question. He asked, “Guy, can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are negotiating in good faith on behalf of my future?” Deputy Minister of the Environment Paul Hood literally jumped at the … Continue reading

Climate Change and Water: Health and Human Rights

By Karen Rooney For most Canadians turning on a tap and having access to quality running water is something that we do not even think about. And yet, as climate change continues to threaten our current way of life, the quantity and the quality of the water coming out of those taps may change dramatically. … Continue reading

Durban’s Bisasar Dump; Using race and class to make a profit

by Karen Rooney The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is marketed as a way for developing countries to counter their emissions by investing in emissions reduction projects around the world – wherever it is the cheapest. Beyond the fact that this system allows polluting countries to ignore the problems at home and “deal with” the problem … Continue reading

Look Beyond The Label

By Karen Rooney You don’t have to be an environmentalist to understand that the earth around us is changing. You can see it, feel it and live it everyday. You see it in the news – floods, droughts and storms. You feel in the weather…. above zero temperatures in what used to be a cold … Continue reading

The Circus Is In Town (but you’re not invited)

It’s 7am in Durban. I’ve just bought a cup of coffee to go (needless to say, once COP-17 started I soon abandoned my no-caffeine regiment) and am on my way to the International Convention Centre (ICC). “Madam, madam! Are you with the press?” I hear a man shout behind me. Before waiting for my answer, … Continue reading

Where talk is cheap, bake sales speak

By Tasha Peters “Bitumen balls” and “oily” Canada krispies were on sale at the Canadian Youth Delegation booth at the UN Climate Conference in Durban today.  We were holding a bake sale to buy back our future, because if dirty oil can buy influence, why can’t we? After a few days at COP it has … Continue reading

My Future Sold to the Highest Bidder

Social Movements create real change

By: Kaleigh McGregor-Bales A few days ago, I arrived in Durban, South Africa for COP 17. Being pretty grumpy from the 36 hours of travelling, I could easily complain about the lack of stable internet the cockroaches and the terrible weather (I thought I left Halifax?). The reality is though; I am incredibly privileged to … Continue reading