Corporate Control & the Profitability of “Consent”

What do Pinehouse, Saskatchewan and COP18 in Doha, Qatar have in common? They are both under siege by some of the wealthiest extractive corporations in the world.  At the UN climate negotiations the Chairman of Qatar Petroleum presides over COP18, while CEO’s and other higher-ups of corporations such as Shell, Exxon and others freely wander … Continue reading

Think Global. Act Local.

by Megan Van Buskirk Climate change is real. It’s happening. And I literally cannot think of a more pressing issue in our past, our present, or our future. That is why I am going to COP18 in Doha, Qatar. I live in Saskatchewan, where coal-fired power plants provide the energy for over half of our … Continue reading

Post-PowerShift 2012 thoughts from a Prairie Organizer

by Karen Rooney One of my recurrent themes as an organizing member of PowerShift 2012 has been how to engage, involve and empower folks from Western Canada to participate in a meaningful way. While I feel this goal has been somewhat accomplished, I know there is a long road ahead of us when it comes … Continue reading

Canada – COP17 UPDATE

by Ani and Chris UPDATE: 06:00 Thanks-you comments ensued 05:05am The formal meeting commenced with the purpose to pass all outstanding texts, notably the KP and LCA texts deferred to the COP/CMP. Amendment that the length of commitment period of for AWG-KP for the KP2 to be determined at next sitting of the group. Bolivia … Continue reading

To all the skeptics

By Karen Rooney To all the skeptics. You might think that jetting halfway across the world to attend a conference on climate change is a little offensive. Well, I think that having a government who ignores me and jeopardizes my future is offensive. I think I have a duty to hold my government to account … Continue reading

People Rising Up at COP17!

By Karen Rooney As I am writing this youth and civil society from around the world are storming the halls of the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. This is the voice of the people. It can’t be stopped and it can’t be deafened any longer. People are tired of empty promises and tired … Continue reading

Fossil Fuel Industry and ‘Negotiators’ Celebrate Another Victory

By Kaleigh McGregor-Bales Today Canadian ‘negotiators’, sponsored by the fossil fuel industry, toasted to victory at COP 17. Working together, the fossil fuel industry and Canadian government successfully obstructed progress yet again –solidifying growing profits and expanding Tar Sands development. The Canadian government and the fossil fuel industry have a very cozy relationship. This is … Continue reading