Apply to be a Wings of Change Workshop Facilitator

We are looking for engaged, enthusiastic facilitators in communities across Atlantic Canada to deliver the Wings of Change climate education workshop to Canadian youth this spring. **Not in Atlantic Canada? Stay tuned, we’re expanding.. You’ll be on the front lines of a growing climate movement, bringing a for-youth, by-youth perspective on the science and the … Continue reading

The Dirty Thirties and Climate Change: A Lesson in History?

By Karen Rooney Everyone is familiar with the horror stories of the Great Depression. Over 200,000 prairie farms abandoned. The migration of over 300,000 people from rural areas. Wheat crops 32% below average. Corn yields down to 50%. Lives and livelihoods destroyed. The prairies are known as the “Breadbasket of the World”. The soils of … Continue reading

Climate Change and Water: Health and Human Rights

By Karen Rooney For most Canadians turning on a tap and having access to quality running water is something that we do not even think about. And yet, as climate change continues to threaten our current way of life, the quantity and the quality of the water coming out of those taps may change dramatically. … Continue reading

Wings of Change in Windermere

by Malkolm Boothroyd I recently spent a week in Vancouver facilitating climate workshops in Vancouver schools as part of the CYCC’s Wings of Change campaign. I worked with fifteen classes, talking about climate justice and running role play activities where students put themselves in the shoes of the Canadian Government and people from front-line communities … Continue reading

Canadian Youth Delegation: Part of a Moving Planet

Today is’s annual day of action, Moving Planet. Billed as “a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis,” this Saturday will see actions, rallies, workshops, artwork, turbines, solar panels and connected communities coming together all over the world to create change. The goal is to imagine and create a world beyond fossil fuels. That imagination … Continue reading