COP Gossip – Week One

by anonymous, posted by Chris Bisson OMG, you will not believe what happened at COP this week… On Monday COP 17, otherwise known as Conference of Polluters 17 kicked off in beautiful Durban, South Africa. Pretty nice weather this week compared to the last week – jeez, all that rain. During the international climate change … Continue reading

COY & the Role of Youth at COP17

By James Hutt From November 25th to November 28th, the Canadian Youth Delegation took part in the 7th Conference of Youth (COY). The conference is both organized and facilitated by youth and takes place every year before the UNFCCC climate conference. With over 600 registered participants, it brought together passionate youth from around the world … Continue reading

Climate Justice Weeks in Ottawa!

Climate Justice Weeks! All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Canadian Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa. Co-organized by EcoJustice Carleton and the Canadian Youth Delegation, Ottawa team   Social Justice is Climate Justice: a Conversation with Judy Rebick Wednesday, October 12th at 7pm in the Saint Paul Auditorium … Continue reading

Getting started…

Arriving in a new place by plane is always a bit of a shock – especially when it’s 50 degrees warmer than the home you left. The trudge through customs and the unknown beyond add to the excitment of first leaving the airport. The doors open and it’s a warm and somewhat chaotic world of … Continue reading

This is going to be fun. And frustrating. And exciting. And exhausting.

Marie-Marguerite Sabongui A couple of Université de Sherbrooke grad students, who are researching the role of youth at climate negotiations, interviewed me today about my involvement. I’ve been thinking about this for a while in preparation for my work with the CYD, and so here are some thoughts. On the bus ride back from the … Continue reading

Cancùn here we come!

As you read this newsletter, youth from across the globe are converging in Cancùn for the Conference of Youth and their upcoming roles as youth delegates and observers at COP16 next week. Your Canadian Youth Delegates are travelling from Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Lethbridge, Victoria, Whitehorse and Yellowknife in planes, trains and … Continue reading