Signs of Solidarity in a Desert Barren of Compassion

Four days ago, Doha held its first ever civil society march for climate justice.  The night before, I was able to attend the Middle East premiere of Amy Miller’s powerful documentary “The Carbon Rush”. This past weekend was literally the first time throughout the course of COP18 where I have felt a strong sense of … Continue reading

Early Impressions of COP18

You might think this will be a pretty short blog since myself and another CYD member were only able to attain our accreditation today. You see, the two of us found out Sunday that we were not allowed on UN premises because of our participation in the “Turn Your Back On Canada” action in Durban, … Continue reading

Corporate Control & the Profitability of “Consent”

What do Pinehouse, Saskatchewan and COP18 in Doha, Qatar have in common? They are both under siege by some of the wealthiest extractive corporations in the world.  At the UN climate negotiations the Chairman of Qatar Petroleum presides over COP18, while CEO’s and other higher-ups of corporations such as Shell, Exxon and others freely wander … Continue reading

Canada abandons the Kyoto Protocol

Yesterday, Canada’s Environment Minister announced that Canada will be formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol. Members of the Canadian Youth Delegation released the following statement:  While not surprising, Peter Kent’s latest announcement is an outstanding example of our government’s loyal service to the fossil fuel industry. Just hours after returning from Durban, our Environment Minister … Continue reading

“Talking Green, Walking Dirty”

By Karen Rooney This is first and foremost a response to the opinion piece (“Share the Climate Task”) published by Peter Kent, Canada’s Minister of the Environment. The Government of Canada has repeatedly been one of the most obstructionist countries during the climate change negotiations here in Durban. Not only has Canada repeatedly stated it’s … Continue reading

To all the skeptics

By Karen Rooney To all the skeptics. You might think that jetting halfway across the world to attend a conference on climate change is a little offensive. Well, I think that having a government who ignores me and jeopardizes my future is offensive. I think I have a duty to hold my government to account … Continue reading

Breaking and Building – Resistance in the Midst of Collapse

The sky is breaking here in Durban. Just as I arrive at Speakers’ Corner for Occupy COP17’s all-night candlelit vigil, the clouds that have been looming ominously over the city all day finally let go. It starts pouring. All us candleholders take shelter underneath a plastic tarp, and we begin our general assembly. “Let’s show … Continue reading