Canada’s Sceptical Position at the UNFCCC

Each year the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meet and work towards preventing catastrophic climate change. The Kyoto Protocol (KP), an addition to the UNFCCC made in 1997, was ratified by the required countries – including Canada – and came into legal force in 2005. … Continue reading

Condider the seas, sharks please…

This has been quite a week at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico. Not getting let in, getting let in, and sorting through hundreds of events we’re filming. COP 16 has been planned as act 3, the finale of our next film, currently titled Rise Again – a film about the evolution of life on earth, … Continue reading

The W’s of Climate Change

-Cam Gray Today closes the 16th round of the UNFCCC negotiations on climate change in Cancun, MX. This however cannot mark the end of international negotiations on climate change. While solutions to the climate crisis have existed for decades (if not millennia), political and transnational interests have taken priority over those of the Global South … Continue reading

My biggest fear…

My greatest environmental fear is that the oceans will continue to be ignored until it’s too late. There are 2.5 billion years of evolution in the oceans, and a mere 500 million or so on land. When life evolved in the ocean, the atmosphere was very hot, full of carbon dioxide. Plants in the ocean … Continue reading

What this movement needs

The environmental movement needs to reinvent itself away from grey beards with beakers, writing cheques to over-funded conservation groups, feeling good by saving the cute and cuddly animals like pandas. The issues of climate change, destruction of ecosystems, loss of species, and over-exploitation are issues of human preservation on earth. The Earth will be just … Continue reading

All is not lost! Keeping the Faith in the United Nations Process: A Message to Canadians from Cancun

Written by: Lena Phillips As I read the media being transmitted from the Cancun talks back to the Canadian public, I worry that the urgency of the issue (and the importance of reaching a strong and binding international agreement) is not getting through. Messages are focusing on the bleak outlook of the negotiations while others … Continue reading

Step Up or Step Down

Yesterday morning, as I stood on a stage dressed as a giant bird and sweated my way through a press conference, I asked myself, not for the first time, exactly what it is that I’m doing at the United Nations.  Between the frantic organizing, daily podcasts and 18 hour days that have become the norm … Continue reading