CYD Podcast- Youth: 1, Minister: 0

Today’s podcast brings you the voices of Karen Rooney and Matt Chisholm, two of the six young Canadians on the CYD who disrupted Minister Kent’s speech in plenary at COP17 on Wednesday. They explain the reasoning behind the protest and its significance for the greater youth climate movement. We also hear the story of a … Continue reading

Durban’s Bisasar Dump; Using race and class to make a profit

by Karen Rooney The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is marketed as a way for developing countries to counter their emissions by investing in emissions reduction projects around the world – wherever it is the cheapest. Beyond the fact that this system allows polluting countries to ignore the problems at home and “deal with” the problem … Continue reading

COP Gossip-Sneak Peek at Week 2

OMG you will not believe what’s happening at COP this week. Let me give you a sneak preview…0 Some of the big issues at the negotiations right now are: -Kyoto Protocol 2nd Commitment Period -Market mechanisms -Carbon Capture and Storage -Green Climate Fund 0 Kyoto Protocol The first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (affectionately … Continue reading

Climate Crisis in the Age of Austerity

by Chris Bisson The crowds of international power brokers are amassing in Durban, South Africa and a rainy chill has set over the sub-tropical port city.  As the curtain rises over the spectacle of the international climate negotiation, spectres of financial ghosts loom in the alleyways of South Africa – so divided by wealth – … Continue reading