Podcast 6: COP Heats Up

Things get intense as civil society demands action from Canadian Environment Minister, as well as from all negotiators. Check this out to hear about the CYD’s meeting with the Environment Minister, as well as a mass mobilized action that occurred this afternoon. “How many typhoons will it take? How many hurricanes, how many floods, how … Continue reading

A Deafening Silence That Speaks The Truth

Today, two youth from the Arab Youth Climate Movement stood silently holding a banner asking the question “Qatar, why host, not lead?” For this devious act, they were de-badged, escorted out by UNFCCC security and promptly deported from the country. This, coming on the heels of multiple calls to action from the UNFCCC Executive Secretary … Continue reading

Podcast 5: Standing in Solidarity with the Philippines

As a typhoon sweeps across the Philippines, there was an action organized today in solidarity with the Philippines delegation who are urging for more climate action. This podcast features snippets of the action and interviews with Mary Ann Lucille Sering, minister of the Climate Change Commission from the Philippines, as well as the Vice-Minister for climate change … Continue reading

Stories and symbolism: our climate legacy

photos by Megan Van Buskirk By working together on collective messaging, global youth have been successful in connecting personal stories of climate change impacts with strong symbolism. Through creative action we, the youth at COP18, reminded negotiators of the immediacy in which we need tangible solutions to climate change. Climate change isn’t something that is … Continue reading

People Rising Up at COP17!

By Karen Rooney As I am writing this youth and civil society from around the world are storming the halls of the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. This is the voice of the people. It can’t be stopped and it can’t be deafened any longer. People are tired of empty promises and tired … Continue reading

Why We Turned Our Backs on the Canadian Government

By: Sonia Grant, James Hutt, Matthew Chisholm, Brigette Depape, Meghan McCarthy, and Karen Rooney “What’s your excuse?” an angry UN security guard asked us when we were being detained in the dark bowels of the Durban International Convention Centre. We remained silent. We restrained ourselves from pointing out that if anyone needs to be issuing … Continue reading

Fossil Fuel Industry and ‘Negotiators’ Celebrate Another Victory

By Kaleigh McGregor-Bales Today Canadian ‘negotiators’, sponsored by the fossil fuel industry, toasted to victory at COP 17. Working together, the fossil fuel industry and Canadian government successfully obstructed progress yet again –solidifying growing profits and expanding Tar Sands development. The Canadian government and the fossil fuel industry have a very cozy relationship. This is … Continue reading