Our Sponsors

The Canadian Youth Delegation would like our sponsors and supporters for their investment in Canada’s young people and our work towards bold and just climate action in Canada and abroad.

If you or your organization would be interested in supporting our work, please contact us.

2012 Sponsors:

Organizational Donors:

Individual Supporters:

Maryam Adrangi, Pam Belcher, Jen Berger, Angi, Jim, and Emma Bugg, Liz Campbell, Dave Capelle, Vagner Castilho, Kirk Chase, Karen Comer, Ann Coxworth, Katherine Dearborn, Lucy Doan, Jaimee Dupont, Lyndsay Goldstein, Sean Gustafson, Claire Heisler, Mick Levin, Margot Louise, Angela Matheson, Sheila Rafuse, Christa Rigney, Andrew Stadnyk, Fabian Suarez, Shelly & Gord Van Buskirk, Curtis Vieville, Enid & Richard Westwood, Jack Zupko

2011 Sponsors:

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