My Personal Story

I’m standing here as part of the Canadian Youth Delegation today because I believe in building a youth climate movement of solidarity that goes beyond frontiers, nationalities, cultures and across continents. I was raised with a strong background in social issues and gender because my mother was the Dean of graduate studies at the university … Continue reading

My Truth, My Story

By Neelam Khare This is my personal story to give a glimpse of why I’m here.

Podcast 5: Standing in Solidarity with the Philippines

As a typhoon sweeps across the Philippines, there was an action organized today in solidarity with the Philippines delegation who are urging for more climate action. This podcast features snippets of the action and interviews with Mary Ann Lucille Sering, minister of the Climate Change Commission from the Philippines, as well as the Vice-Minister for climate change … Continue reading

Climate Silence Sentences the World to Climate Violence

By Meghan McCarthy As a young woman coming to Qatar, I was told that despite the reservations I might have, this country was one of the safest in the world. With strict laws and low crime rates, there was a very low likelihood that harm would come to me or other women on my delegation. … Continue reading

“aint gonna let nobody turn us around”

On December 4th, 2012, 3:00pm during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha Qatar, we as youth and civil society staged an action at COP 18 to show our solidarity for the Philippines, a country that recently was hit by super typhoon Bopha (an impact of climate change). We support the country … Continue reading

We Stand With the Philippines: Action Recaps

The outcome from Doha is not looking good; in fact, the situation looks dire. Countries are being bullied into a suicide pact, as no action will be taken until 2020. The working groups on Long-term Cooperative Action and Kyoto Protocol are closing. This inaction is unacceptable. We, as youth, as civil society,  stand in solidarity … Continue reading

More Voices for Greater Equity and Justice at the UNFCCC

Until there is greater inclusion of different voices to influence political will and commitment of politicians at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, there is little hope to keep global temperatures from exceeding the 2°C limit, along with facing the impacts that this will entail. As a member of a youth NGO at … Continue reading