Looking for the Canadian Youth Delegation?

Are you looking for updates on the Canadian Youth Delegation? Seven people from across Canada will be going to the 20th international negotiations, held in Peru this December. To stay up to date with what we are doing, visit us at any of the following links: Twitter: @CYD_DJC  Facebook: Canadian Youth Delegation Website: http://www.ourclimate.ca Thanks!

I am driven by the truth

“When money speaks, the truth keeps silent.” – Russian Proverb I used to think that science was all that mattered; after all, it shows us the truth. I was very strong in this conviction, and I thoroughly believed that scientific fact was the only legitimate factor in any and all decisions. Even still, I think … Continue reading

Podcast 6: COP Heats Up

Things get intense as civil society demands action from Canadian Environment Minister, as well as from all negotiators. Check this out to hear about the CYD’s meeting with the Environment Minister, as well as a mass mobilized action that occurred this afternoon. “How many typhoons will it take? How many hurricanes, how many floods, how … Continue reading

Podcast 4: “We hope that we can convey a strong message and put a face here on the ground of the youth who are being impacted by climate change now.” – Adam Greenberg, SustainUs

Today youth from around the world came together for a creative action to portray the influence that the fossil fuel industry has on climate negotiations here in Doha, Qatar. Check out this podcast featuring interviews with representatives from the Canadian Youth Delegation, the Arab Youth Climate Movement, and SustainUs. Podcast 4  

Photo Blog: Qatar’s First Civil Society March

Members of the CYD holding our banner, with the symbol the Red Dot. The march “Actions speak louder than words, what will be your climate legacy?” “Water for all forever. Food for all forever.” There were some really great banners, signs, and quotes at the rally! “Actions or consequences no longer a choice, ACT NOW!” … Continue reading

Podcast 2: The Carbon Rush

Podcast 2: The Carbon Rush This podcast features a personal interview with Amy Miller, filmaker, social justice activist, and director of The Carbon Rush. This is followed by a press conference of The Carbon Rush with an introduction from the Indigenous Environment Network’s Tom Goldtooth. Lastly we have an interview with Alberto Saldamando, Indigenous human … Continue reading

Early Impressions of COP18

You might think this will be a pretty short blog since myself and another CYD member were only able to attain our accreditation today. You see, the two of us found out Sunday that we were not allowed on UN premises because of our participation in the “Turn Your Back On Canada” action in Durban, … Continue reading