Where the battle stands, and what YOU can do right now

COP18 is stretching into overtime, and it’s becoming a bitter battle. Wealthy nations and the poorer countries, bearing the brunt of climate impacts, are at loggerheads over who will shoulder the financial burden of climate change. The text on the table is being opposed by many. The issue at hand is finance. Developed countries committed … Continue reading

Climate Silence Sentences the World to Climate Violence

By Meghan McCarthy As a young woman coming to Qatar, I was told that despite the reservations I might have, this country was one of the safest in the world. With strict laws and low crime rates, there was a very low likelihood that harm would come to me or other women on my delegation. … Continue reading

We Stand With the Philippines: Action Recaps

The outcome from Doha is not looking good; in fact, the situation looks dire. Countries are being bullied into a suicide pact, as no action will be taken until 2020. The working groups on Long-term Cooperative Action and Kyoto Protocol are closing. This inaction is unacceptable. We, as youth, as civil society,  stand in solidarity … Continue reading

Canada scrapes bottom at international negotiations

Canadians are apologetic people. Yet, navigating the halls of the COP18 climate negotiations as a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD), the “sorry”s I gave weren’t stereotypical Canuck politeness. Instead, they were apologies of shame for the inaction of our government when it comes to tackling the unprecedented issue of climate change. Yesterday, the CYD released a technical report detailing … Continue reading

Signs of Solidarity in a Desert Barren of Compassion

Four days ago, Doha held its first ever civil society march for climate justice.  The night before, I was able to attend the Middle East premiere of Amy Miller’s powerful documentary “The Carbon Rush”. This past weekend was literally the first time throughout the course of COP18 where I have felt a strong sense of … Continue reading

Canada’s first first-place fossil for financial failure

Cross-posted at itstheecologystupid. Yesterday, Canada received the ‘honour’ of a first-place Fossil of the Day (the award is given for bad performance during the negotiations). Though not our first Fossil in Doha, it is our first time owning the top of the podium all to ourselves at COP18. What did we do this time? In 2012, the Fast … Continue reading

Climate Change Negotiations in a Petroleum State

A hot topic right now involves a global scrutiny of COP18’s host country, Qatar. For example, Qatar has the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions. Qataris also have the highest ecological footprints. Thirdly, Qatar has the third largest natural gas reserves on the planet, and is one of the world’s main exporters of liquefied natural … Continue reading