Where the battle stands, and what YOU can do right now

COP18 is stretching into overtime, and it’s becoming a bitter battle. Wealthy nations and the poorer countries, bearing the brunt of climate impacts, are at loggerheads over who will shoulder the financial burden of climate change.

The text on the table is being opposed by many. The issue at hand is finance. Developed countries committed to providing $100 billion/year to developing nations starting in 2020. The mechanisms by which this will be accomplished are unclear. Mid-term financing, to stretch from now to 2020, is not in place. Canada has not put money on the table. The U.S. has not put money on the table. Qatar has not put money on the table.

For developing nations, COP18 is their best and last hope to ensure the financial commitments that were made are followed through.

The needs are great, as the devastation of the Philippines by typhoon Bopha shows. The poorest nations to do not have the means to pay to recover from the horrifying damage of a problem they did little to nothing to create.

These needs will only get greater at the effects of global warming become stronger. The deal on the table right now in Doha is inadequate to meet dire needs.

Here’s where you can help. Right now, the Philippines refuses to sign on to a bad deal and are being supported by a bloc including Venezuala, Bolivia, Ecuador, and others. Heavy political pressure is being put on them to cave.

Help the poorest nations stand strong. Tweet #westandwithyou with #COP18.



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