Canada scrapes bottom at international negotiations

Canadians are apologetic people. Yet, navigating the halls of the COP18 climate negotiations as a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD), the “sorry”s I gave weren’t stereotypical Canuck politeness. Instead, they were apologies of shame for the inaction of our government when it comes to tackling the unprecedented issue of climate change.

Yesterday, the CYD released a technical report detailing Canada’s colossal failures to meet its international commitments. Canada not only withdrew from the Kyoto Accord at last year’s COP, but its low emissions targets prevent developed countries who are still signatories to the accord from increasing their ambition. Canada is not on track to meet its own emission reductions targets, with the tar sands largely to blame. Furthermore, emissions from ongoing tar sands development are enough to push the planet past the warming limit of 2°C since pre-industrial levels. Canada is violating its commitments made in Copenhagen and Cancun. Yet again at COP, it is letting the world down.

Read the rest at Alternatives Journal.

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