We Stand With the Philippines


As the COP18 climate talks drag into their second week, for some the reality of a changing climate is striking home. In the Long-Term Cooperative Agreement Plenary session yesterday, a delegate from the Philippines said “instead of getting ready for christmas, we may be counting our dead” referring to the impending landfall of Super Typhoon Bopha. Touching down last night, the    storm has caused over 40,000 people to flee their homes, and many wait to see the impact of the 16th extreme weather event to batter the Philippines this year. 

Meanwhile, ambition – be it in terms of emissions cuts or finance – seems to remain off the table in Doha. The outcome on loss and damage is inadequate and lacks any sort of mechanism necessary to address issues such as this. Policies which would limit the free license of fossil fuel corporations to blow us past our planetary carbon budget are little more than the feverish dreams of civil society and nations already bearing the brunt of a warmed world. 

The time for talk has run out, and the runway for inaction is long lost, yet still the talks stagnate, while those responsible for this crisis are able to stand in the way of justice. Blocking ambition and equity on the global scale is a criminal act. It is, at a minimum, the willful destruction of property and the knowing neglect of human life and loss. Those countries here in Doha who continue to defend business as usual, are guilty and history will judge them as such.

Right now, we stand with the Philippines. We stand with the millions of people around the world paying for the ignorance and arrogance of countries and fossil fuel corporations who put the interests of profits ahead of the needs of people. 

On ne lâche pas – we won’t back down. 

In Solidarity, 

The Canadian Youth Delegation

3 Responses to “We Stand With the Philippines”
  1. Lucky says:

    We are with everyone who demand solutions today cos tomorow may not come we cant wait for 2020 we need to start acting now. I wish we were there to meet other young people around the world

  2. Fantastic! “Dig in your heals and see how it feels to raise a little hell of your own!” as the lyrics go, I totally agree that the time for talk is quickly passing, and the ‘applied’ inaction is biting back already, harshly @ only a .8 degree rise.

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