Message to Political Leaders and Delegates

by Neelam Khare

Photo Credit: Peggy Lam, Megan Van Buskirk

What will our climate legacy at the UN Climate Negotiations be this year?

Follow the youth who are trying to change it.  Twitter: #climatelegacy

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2 Responses to “Message to Political Leaders and Delegates”
  1. Canadians need to amend the constitution to guarantee the right to a healthy environment–a fundamental value held by the vast majority of Canadians. Canada also needs its own ecocide law to hold politicians accountable, to stop financing of dangerous industrial projects, and to hold those with principal responsibility for ecocide accountable in a criminal court. As Doha shows, we have to change the rules of the game. Our present environmental laws are not adequate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your commitment to your cause is admirable. Ironically, your freedom to express yourself is owed to the fossil fuels which were paramount to defending the free world from military oppression. To this day they clothe you, feed you and will deliver you home by air no doubt. Making a sign is easy. Show real leadership by demonstrating to Canadians that you can thrive, or at least subsist, without fossil fuels and people will take notice. Lead by example.

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