Stories and symbolism: our climate legacy

photos by Megan Van Buskirk

By working together on collective messaging, global youth have been successful in connecting personal stories of climate change impacts with strong symbolism. Through creative action we, the youth at COP18, reminded negotiators of the immediacy in which we need tangible solutions to climate change. Climate change isn’t something that is going to happen sometime in the future, it is happening now. Around the world, people are experiencing the dire impacts of climate change as their lives and livelihoods are being drastically compromised. The time for action is now, and it’s time that our leaders are held accountable for the #climatelegacy they are forcing the youth to inherit. We used visuals to drive the point behind our messaging. The red dot symbolizes the urgency of climate change, and acts as a bridge between the voices of the youth that are both represented and unrepresented at COP18. In solidarity, we continue.


2 Responses to “Stories and symbolism: our climate legacy”
  1. SUSAN EYRE says:

    Thank you Canadian youth – I totally support you !!!!!!

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