Will this be your climate legacy?

Today I stood with youth from around the world to send a strong message to COP 18 delegates at the UNFCCC that climate change impacts are real.

We formed a line beside the “moving sidewalks” near the main entrance of the conference centre. We stood there in silence. Each one of us held up a sign of a climate change impact that has affected us personally. And upon each one of these pieces of paper, was also the question of “What’s your climate change legacy?”

This is not a practical question that we’re asking our delegates, it’s a moral one. The responsibility is in their hands to change the climate legacy that they have already set for us. More specifically, we are asking them to address this issue while recognizing these devastating impacts. We need them to take urgent action.

So what will happen at COP this year? Will delegates be able to leave a lasting climate legacy that can sustain the livelihoods of this world and its people? Or will they leave us out to hang dry?

We can only wait to find out.


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