Media Advisory: Youth Unveil #ClimateLegacy Campaign At COP18 Press Conference

Media Advisory

For November 25, 2012

Youth Unveil #ClimateLegacy Campaign At COP18 Press Conference

On Monday morning at 10am, while negotiators are making their opening statements in the UNFCCC plenary young people from around the world will be making a statement of their own.

Their press conference, held in Press Conference Room 2 on the Ground Floor Level (Auditorium 1) of the QNCC, will be an opportunity to unveil the #ClimateLegacy map, a visual representation of recent local impacts of a rapidly warming world generated through the online submission of stories from youth on every continent. The event will highlight a handful of these stories as told by delegates from Taiwan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Algeria.

Youth organizations from SustainUS, and the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition to the Arab Youth Climate Movement share a strong conviction that world leaders must be held accountable for the climate legacies they leave behind.  We refuse to grow up in a world where extreme weather and vulnerability become the new normal. We demand that the world’s most powerful nations rapidly increase their ambition in the name of intergenerational justice.



Mike Sandmel, SustainUS –

Anjali Appadurai, Earth In Brackets –


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