Second Day at COY 8 (Conference of Youth) Recaps

For the past two days, in gearing up for COP 18, we took part in this year’s 8th COY held at Education City – Student Centre, in Doha, Qatar. Here are some recaps of the CYD in action during the second day of the conference:

The morning started off with us launching our project: a physical representation of the impacts of climate change and extreme weather, in addition to the impacts of extraction around the globe. The map will be a reminder of the impacts that a changing climate are having on people around the globe today, as well as the impacts that the the fossil fuel industry is having on communities. 

Alana Westwood gives her workshop on “Effective Communication of Science to General Audiences.”

Cameron Fenton talks about the “Root Causes of Inaction.”

Megan V.B. and Karen hard at work to develop the #climatelegacy map. 

Perla blogging in the art space. 

Kira Lamont designing the team’s graphics.

Karen and Meghan share their expertise by leading a workshop on “Effective Actions at COP,” alongside MJ from SustainUs.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more activities of the CYD as we prepare to enter the stages of COP 18 within the next few days!


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