CYD Podcast- Stealing Kent’s Thunder

Today was quite a busy one for the CYD at COP17. Greenpeace International kicked off a large action outside the World Business Conference for Sustainable Development with the help of the CYD’s Sonia Grant and Cam Fenton. Later, Peter Kent gave a press conference that received some unexpected visitors. Cam and Sonia crashed Kent’s conference and spoke to the media before Kent’s address, exposing Canada’s true motivations at COP.

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  1. […] General Secretary of the Mennonite Church in Canada, Rev. Willard Metzger, wrote a great blog about yesterday. Additionally, Moderator Mardi Tindal’s excellent blog post is getting some publicity on Canadian social media sites, particularly Twitter. The Globe and Mail reported it yesterday, and today they have an article an about Kent apparently changing tack and seeking a binding climate treaty by 2015. There was another article about the youth here. And to hear about it in the 6 youths’ own words, read about it here or listen to a podcast here. […]

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