COP Gossip – Week One

by anonymous, posted by Chris Bisson

OMG, you will not believe what happened at COP this week…

On Monday COP 17, otherwise known as Conference of Polluters 17 kicked off in beautiful Durban, South Africa. Pretty nice weather this week compared to the last week – jeez, all that rain.

During the international climate change talks in Durban almost all of the countries taking place in the talks became disgruntled with Canada’s stance on climate change and the Kyoto Protocol, and most of the participating nations declared it a pariah state. The influential nations of China, Brazil, and not surprisingly Quebec, all agreed to team up on Canada.  Brazil’s ambassador Andre Correa do Lago stated: “It’s very clear that countries that leave the Kyoto Protocol […] leave the Kyoto Protocol to do less than they would do in the Kyoto Protocol and we think this is very bad news”.

Unfortunately, Peter Kent missed the briefing on diplomacy before becoming Environment Minister. He would rather “play hardball with developing countries” and withdraw Canada from the Kyoto Protocol next month. I understand Peter, it is just not fair – all of us are “uninformed and ideologically driven” otherwise they would be able to see the potential in your proposal of ‘eventual solutions’ for ‘urgent problems’.

While Canada is really trying to get some serious damage done by failing to support a second commitment period and undermining the value of the Kyoto Protocol. Our good friends from the United Kingdom stand out for helping to move tar sands oil into Europe. They are closely followed by Coaland (Sorry, I mean Poland), which is trying to find solutions for the climate crisis in Durban. The
Polish Presidency has decided to support ‘the European Coal Days’ by using its Presidency logo.

The United States, UK and Japan are quietly turning the Green Climate Fund into a greed corporate fund – oh well, the acronym is still the same – I’m sure no one will notice.  More outstanding was the comment made by an IPCC contributor, Jonathan Pershing, the US Deputy Special Envoy, who said yesterday that ‘there are an infinite number of pathways to staying below 2 degrees’. Pershing nonetheless argued that current targets are sufficient enough through 2020, yet the US has managed to avoid all of them.

COP is buzzing and there is gossip everywhere! Stay tuned for more updates.

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