Press Release: If big oil can buy Canada’s climate policy, why can’t we?


December 1, 2011

CONTACT | Robin Tress

Media Liaison, Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17

Durban: 076. 327. 9167

International: +27. 76. 327. 9167

Canadian Contact | Daniel Cayley-Daoust

Canadian Number: 819.593.4579


Say, “If Big Oil can buy our climate policy, why canʼt we?”

Durban, South Africa (1/12/11) — Taking a page from Big Oil, youth at the UN climate negotiations and across Canada are raising money to compete with big polluters to set Canadaʼs climate agenda in Durban. Earlier today at COP17, the youth delegates held a bake sale to “buy back their future”.

“We are hoping to raise enough money to sway the Canadian government to commit to a binding and ambitious climate agreement,” said Canadian Youth Delegate, Malcolm Boothroyd. “Unfortunately we donʼt receive $1.4 billion in government subsidies to help our cause.

Youth across Canada are simultaneously sending letters to the Prime Ministerʼs office containing small change to urge the federal government to switch gears and put people before polluters. Canadaʼs current international climate policy promotes the expansion of the Canadian oil industry, lobbies for foreign investment in the tar sands, and supports insufficient, non-binding emissions reductions. These actions commit the planet to irreversible climate change, violate human rights, and have made Canada into an international pariah during the current climate negotiations

“Corporate lobbyists have been extremely successful in pushing the Canadian government to adopt their agenda,” says Boothroyd. “If their money talks, why canʼt ours?”


3 Responses to “Press Release: If big oil can buy Canada’s climate policy, why can’t we?”
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