CYD Podcast: A Global Dig at the Biggest Fossil

Today’s podcast examines Canada’s climate negotiating strategy from a global perspective, gathering insight from delegates from Malawi, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, and New Zealand. Plus, Canada is awarded the second consecutive “Fossil of the Day” Award. Let the digging begin.



5 Responses to “CYD Podcast: A Global Dig at the Biggest Fossil”
  1. David Wilson says:

    apt that the Fossil of the Day is brought to us by the CAA (on my screen at least, I gather from the small print that this is only for people in South Central Ontario – other people are probably seeing different ads)

    I recommend that you people get ahold of just about any one of Chris Hedges’ books and read it

  2. John Canada says:

    Volume problems, people. Edit!

  3. davidphfx says:

    Great job, team! We are airing these on CKDU in Halifax! Will there be another one tomorrow? Will these be daily until the end of COP17?

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