Press Advisory: Unveiling Slick New Negotiator Uniform

November 26, 2011
CONTACT | Emilie Novaczek
Media Coordinator, Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17
Durban: 076.772.4054
International: +27.76.772.4054

Youth create new uniforms for Canadian Climate negotiators

Fashion show illustrates injustice of corporate sponsorship of Canada’s climate negotiators

The Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17 is holding a press conference to launch a new line of uniforms for Canadian negotiators at the UN climate negotiations. These uniforms illustrate the corporate influence on the Canadian negotiators by showing the logos of oil companies investing in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

Because of extreme corporate lobbying by the oil and gas industry, Canada’s international climate policy promotes the expansion of Canadian oil extraction, lobbies for foreign investment in the tar sands, and supports insufficient, non binding emissions reductions. All of these actions commit the planet to irreversible climate change, violate human rights, and destroy Canada’s international reputation.

Photo opportunity: Two youth delegates will be modelling these uniforms in a fashion show-type display. The uniforms are business suits adorned with logos of oil companies such as Esso, British Petroleum, and TransCanada. See attached photo.

When:       3: 00 p.m. SAST, Monday, November 29, 2011.
Where:        Kosi Palm Press Conference Room, Level 2 Inkosi Albert Luthuli
International Convention Centre (ICC), Durban, South Africa.

– 30 –

The Canadian Youth Delegation to COP17 is a united front of youth from across
Canada tackling the biggest challenge of our generation: the climate crisis. Acting locally, provincially, federally, and internationally, we combine our forces to educate and empower youth. We represent the voice of Canadian youth at the UN Climate Negotiations. For more information, see


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