Guest Post: Nanisiniq- Our Goals for COP17 Durban

  • To represent the Inuit perspective on climate change.
  • To learn about what others are doing to address climate change, environmental, and health issues in the their communities.
  • To show people that Inuit should have a say in what is going on in terms of climate change.
  • To illustrate that the Inuit viewpoint should be acknowledged and respected.
  • To illustrate to the world, Canada and our communities, that if we work together, we can make a difference.
  • To promote a youth voice. As youth, we are the role models, we are the future. We should be included in these discussions and decisions. We should listen to what the leaders in climate change issues want to achieve. We should follow through with their goals and learn from them. But we should also add our own ideas. We need to learn what they are doing by watching, but also by contributing new perspectives and solutions.
  • To present a side-event workshop and booth on Inuit climate change issues.
  • We want to let Canadians know that we are going. We will do this by contacting the media. Check out our Kivalliq news article, click here and CBC North, click here.
  • When we return, we will talk about what we learned with the community.
  • We will film our trip from Arviat to Durban and make a short film/ tv episode about our trip and experiences in Durban. This will serve as example of Inuit democracy and the power of youth.

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