Volunteer as a Regional Organizer with the CYCC

The CYCC has always been an organization defined by the amazing work of a diverse team of dedicated volunteers from all across Canada. We know that every city, campus, and community is home to the next generation of change-makers; we know that together we have the power to create a real, lasting shift that ensures that present and future generations inherit a livable planet. The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition is reaching out across Canada and looking for Regional Organizers to help us reach our goals of educating youth about climate justice while empowering young people to stand up for their future and truly holding the government accountable for their actions.

The CYCC has an established group of dedicated volunteers, working on action & strategy planning, policy research, traditional and social media, fundraising, and outreach. These volunteers have been working hard throughout 2011 to bring climate change to the forefront of politics, but we need to grow this movement if we want to succeed. We want to reach out like never before and empower youth across this country to join together and take action.

This is where you come in.

We’re looking for grassroots organizers in every city, town, and region to come together in order to achieve our goal of creating a just and sustainable future for ourselves and for our children. We want to unite front-line and grassroots groups around the common cause of climate justice, and show Canadians and our government that we are serious about dropping carbon emissions, including youth in decision-making processes, and changing paradigms around infinite growth-based economics. We need dedicated agents for change who are willing to strategize, organize, and mobilize, and build the climate justice movement.

So how can you help? As a volunteer you will be helping us reach the following objectives in 2011-12:

  • As part of our Wings of Change campaign, educating over 10,000 young people across Canada about climate science, climate justice and the real solutions to climate change.
  • Holding a Climate Justice Tribunal in November to illustrate the true cost of climate inaction and to amplify the voices of frontline communities who are most impacted by climate change in Canada.
  • Carrying out sentences after our Tribunal that embody the real solutions to climate change.
  • Working with the Canadian Youth Delegation to the UN Climate Negotiations in South Africa to effectively represent the voices of Canadian young people at the negotiations.
  • Building a network of diverse grassroots climate justice groups from across the country to have a united voice for change, while bringing climate justice into the public sphere.
  • Fundraising and developing a sustainable funding model to allow for sustained action.

Find out more in our Regional Organizer recruitment package.

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