Canadian Youth Delegation: Part of a Moving Planet

Today is’s annual day of action, Moving Planet. Billed as “a worldwide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis,” this Saturday will see actions, rallies, workshops, artwork, turbines, solar panels and connected communities coming together all over the world to create change.

The goal is to imagine and create a world beyond fossil fuels. That imagination will be captured in creative actions like the hundreds of Egyptian citizens who took to the streets of Cairo in blue clothing, creating a human Nile river and highlighting the impacts of climate change on our delicate water systems. In Berlin, they’ll be dancing in the streets to a DJ pulled by an electric car and in Indonesia cyclists will bike 350 hours from Bali to Bandung for a clean energy rally. In Tuvalu, however, they’ve moved past imagining; today islanders are performing a series of disaster drills and evacuation exercises.

Here in Canada, members of the Canadian Youth Delegation are going into their communities to imagine and create change from the ground up. Recently, the Canadian Youth Delegation officially launched our Wings of Change campaign – an education program bringing climate science, climate justice and the importance of civic engagement into classrooms across Canada. Over the summer, over 200 participated in our Power Summer camps from coast to coast, receiving training in media relations, policy, direct action and, most importantly, the delivery of our Wings of Change workshop. Today, in St. John’s, Halifax and Winnipeg we are training even more Wings of Change facilitators, because it’s moving people who will move this planet.

Find out more about the day to move beyond fossil fuels here.

Emilie Novaczek is a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation’s Media and Communications Team.

3 Responses to “Canadian Youth Delegation: Part of a Moving Planet”
  1. All our current energy sources will run out eventually, the only natural energy that doesn’t run out is our brain power (a quote from the Ellen Energy Ride at Epcot/DisneyWorld). It is great to see Youth working on solving the problem. Youth can make an effect in the World.

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