Youth take Government of Canada to School on Climate Change

Hoax highlights climate inaction, launches youth led education project

Ottawa, Ont. – September 14 2011 — A group of concerned youth successfully impersonated representatives of Environment Canada this morning by announcing the relaunch of a discontinued climate change education program. What a Difference a Degree Makes, a module delivered to elementary school students during the 1990′s, focused on topics of climate change science and human impacts. Through this hoax the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition has highlighted the Canadian Government’s deliberate neglect of its responsibility to educate Canadians about climate change.

“Our government does not take climate change and its consequences on our generation seriously,” said Malkolm Boothroyd of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. “Programs like What a Difference a Degree Makes show that the Government of Canada used to take the climate crisis seriously, but shifting priorities have placed the interests of polluters above those of current and future generations.”

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition created a look-a-like Environment Canada website which announced the reintroduction of What a Difference a Degree Makes, which was accompanied by press releases distributed to thousands of Canadian journalists. Following this announcement, a number of prominent environmental organizations publicly congratulated Environment Canada on this unexpected yet welcomed change of heart. Eventually, Environment Canada was forced to deny responsibility for re-releasing the desperately needed climate change curriculum. Organizers were deeply concerned that the Government of Canada considered the release of a climate change education program “erroneous information”.

“We are excited to take matters into our own hands and launch our own climate change education program, Wings of Change,” added Amara Possian of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. “We’ve been preparing for over a year and over the next eight months, we will be visiting classrooms across Canada, taking on the task of educating thousands of youth about the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.”

Wings of Change will encourage young people to engage politically and provide them with the opportunity to be part of the larger climate movement. This project combines principles of pageantry, theatre and collective artistic expression to deliver messages directly from young people to the halls of political power. Learn more at

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2 Responses to “Youth take Government of Canada to School on Climate Change”
  1. Brittany Packer says:

    This is AWESOME! Go Canada youth!

  2. Canon D5000 says:

    That’s some scholastic post.

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