Guest Post: Inuit Survival Skills that will Save Your Life in the Arctic


by Curtis Konek, Nanisiniq: Arviat History Project

My name is Curtis Konek. I am an Inuk from Arviat, Nunavut and I am also in the Canadian Rangers.

This video clip is for people who are going to experience the Arctic for the first time. This is a good way to show how Inuit survived and continue to survive in the Arctic for so many years. I want to share Inuit knowledge and survival skills, and show people that traditional Inuit clothing is very reliable and important to Inuit.

Special thanks to the Nunavut Research Institute, Nunavut Arctic College, and Jamie Bell!

Camera one operator: April Dutheil
Camera two operator: Amy Owingayak

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One Response to “Guest Post: Inuit Survival Skills that will Save Your Life in the Arctic”
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