Condider the seas, sharks please…

This has been quite a week at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico. Not getting let in, getting let in, and sorting through hundreds of events we’re filming. COP 16 has been planned as act 3, the finale of our next film, currently titled Rise Again – a film about the evolution of life on earth, and our struggle to perpetuate humanity. We’ve shot in nine countries and learned a great deal about our current environmental crisis….. The issue is much larger than simply climate change. This is a climate change conference, but it seems to me that climate change is a symptom of a problem, not the problem itself. The problem appears to be the massive and exponential growth and consumption of the developed world. This has felled forests, emptied the oceans, created capitalism – machinery designed to turn the natural world we depend on into goods and services to fuel the economy (no officially considered a deity). This destructive machinery is emitting greenhouse gasses, which is further degrading our life support system.

Discussions here vary from limiting greenhouse gasses to carbon sequestration, green energy, mitigation (adapting to cope with inevitable changes), keeping forests intact, and now in a triumph of economic tact and shamelessness, creating a market for carbon, and much life on earth….. If we sequester most of our greenhouse emissions, and the planet warms only a couple degrees, we’ll still be facing enormous environmental calamities as the capitalistic growth based machinery grows in full force. These negotiations need to expand to include the protection and preservation of life itself, as 350 ppm CO2 in our atmosphere doesn’t guarantee a lovely world without the ecological benefits of soil, fish, phytoplankton, trees and the other beautiful elements of our life support system.


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