Send a Message to Your Member of Parliament to Sign Onto Our Demands this Thursday

This Thursday, as Parliament is heading back to work, we are heading to Parliament Hill to draw a line in the sand. On one side of this line we will show our vision for the future that we are creating, the future that we as the youth of today want to inherit. On the other is business as usual, a commitment to continue to fuel our changing climate, sacrificing lands, people and our future.

We are calling on each and every one of the 306 Members of Parliament to join us on our side and sign onto Our Demands making a commitment to work to create the clean, sustainable and just future that we need.

Help us send a message by….sending a message!

  1. First find your Member of Parliament here.
  2. Copy the message below, personalize it, and send it to them before this Thursday.


My name is Cameron Fenton, a young person from Canada who is concerned about my future. Over the past decade, in face of an overwhelming scientific consensus on the threats posed by a changing climate, the Canadian Parliament has failed time and again to deliver legislation that will create a safe future for my generation and for those to come.

I wake up knowing that a changing climate is irreversibly altering the ecosystems of this nation, from the melting arctic to rising sea levels on our coasts. I also wake up each day and see a government that is not rising to the challenge of transitioning our nation to a clean, just and green future that will not only fight climate change, but create stronger, more resilient communities and economies. Today I am asking you to change this.

Earlier this year the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition released a list of five demands, created through coast to coast consultation with young people across Canada. These demands represent the values we hold dear, values we hope you share, and values embodied in a path towards the clean and just future we need.

Each and every day youth are working in their communities, on their campuses and in their homes to build a better future . Right now, what we are missing is your support.

We are asking for you to join us on Parliament Hill this coming Thursday, June 2nd between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to sign onto our demands. Put simply, these represent our hopes for the future. Please join us and thousands of Canadians in making a commitment to our future generations.

My sincere thanks,


And make sure that you and all of your friend have signed onto Our Demands!

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