Questioning the Debate: Get our Future on the Leader’s Debate Agenda!

Recently, media outlets across Canada sent out a call for people to submit questions to be asked to the federal party leaders of Canada during this year’s national televised leader’s debate. While youth are being called on by politicians, the media and civil society groups to vote, we are being called to do so without being heard or listened to, this needs to change.

Take action to put our generation on the agenda of the leader’s debate!

It’s easy, just copy the email below, add a personal message and send it to (CC so we can keep track!).


Whenever an election looms in Canada, politicians, the media and civil society all begin to focus on the youth vote, and apparent youth voter apathy. Across the board they conclude that youth are at fault for their lack of interest in federal politics, placing the blame on the victims of a political system that ignores our calls, dismisses our voices and actively dis-empowers youth from taking an interest. This year, we are calling on you to help us change that by allowing us to speak truth to power during this year’s federal leaders debate, and pose a question directly to the leaders.

As the arctic is melting before our eyes and small island nations disappear beneath rising sea levels, we see our government ignoring the greatest crisis of our time. We are seeing over the tipping point, and knowing that this is the world in which we live, and this is the world that we, as youth, are inheriting. To our generation, this is the world we refuse to pass on to our children.

As long as the federal leaders ignore this, they ignore our generation.

Our question is,

Youth know that the enormous challenges we currently face are also powerful opportunities, and that the solutions to the climate and energy crises will also pave the way to recovery from our current economic crisis, through the creation of jobs, a renewed investment in arts, culture and education, and a shift towards a new system that reflects the needs of our generation. What will you do to turn the changes we need into realities, to create the clean, live-able and just future that youth in Canada are calling for?

On behalf of the CYCC
For more info please email or call 514-467-6413


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