A very quick update

Amara Possian

I’ve been running around all day and realize I have left those of you looking for updates on the negotiations in the dark. I’d like to share today’s (really awesome) liveblog from Tck tck tck’s Adopt a Negotiator Project so you can see what you’ve missed to date. Check out information on everything from new negotiating texts to actions right here.

We spent the majority of the day waiting for the open negotiations to begin and the informal stocktaking plenary has just started. So far most countries have seemed generally supportive of the negotiating texts and some have asked to go back to their working groups to work out a few issues. Bolivia spoke out strongly against the texts, especially against the fact that a second commitment period of Kyoto is not guaranteed, against the lack of ambition in emissions reductions targets, and the inclusion of market-based mechanism from mitigation.

When the internet permits, I will be live tweeting the plenary here.


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