Canadian Youth Delegation Retracts Thanks to Conservative MP

Media Release – For Immediate Release

December 9, 2010

Canadian Youth Delegation Retracts Thanks to Conservative MP

Cancun, Mexico – Some members of the Canadian Youth Delegation (CYD) are retracting a thank-you note sent on their behalf to Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong.

I was quite surprised to receive an email of thanks from our delegation to MP Chong,” said CYD member Daniel T’seleie. “Not only was I not consulted on this, I was not even told beforehand that the delegation was thanking him. I’d like to make it clear that neither he nor his party deserves my thanks.”

The email, entitled “Thank you from the Canadian Youth Delegation,” was sent on December 7 in response to comments made by Chong in the House of Commons on December 3 in which he affirmed the existence of human-caused climate change, and stressed the importance of swift action with a focus on the “clean energy dialogue with the United States” and the “climate change talks in Cancun.”

Acknowledging the existence of anthropogenic climate change is like saying ‘the earth is round,’ it doesn’t warrant any thanks,” said delegation member Jonathan Williams. “Furthermore, Chong’s statements endorse more government talk and stalling. If he wants action on climate change he should focus on how his party killed the Climate Change Accountability Act through underhanded and undemocratic maneuvering in the unelected Senate, and other ways his government is setting back even the most miniscule domestic mitigation actions.”

“Although I highly encourage more government MPs to stand up for what they believe in and as much as I am glad to hear Chong state injustice on climate action by his party, I stress that I do not thank him because the party has yet to do far more than just statements.” said CYD member Arielle Kayabaga. “This isn’t a game, it is lives and cultures for many of our communities on the line!”


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