A quick plea to the organizers of COP17 in Durban

Amara Possian

I’ll keep this quick.  Just over 24hrs to the end of the conference and things are getting a little crazy.

Aside from a spirit of cooperation and trust, what are the two most important things at a two-week long UNFCCC conference? Internet and coffee.

For the past 2 weeks, the lack of reliable internet, reliable cellphone reception and reasonably priced coffee in Cancunmesse, Moon Palace, (and most of the city of Cancun) have made me very sad and slightly less effective than usual.

Here is my plea for the organizers of COP17 Durban:

1. Please invest in your telecommunications infrastructure prior to the conference.

2. Please have reasonably priced and flavoured  coffee (and food).

3. Please ensure a legally-binding and ambitious treaty that will ensure our survival is signed by the end of the conference.

That is all.


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