Michael Chong stands up for climate action

Last week Michael Chong, Conservative MP for Wellington-Halton Hills, rose in the House of Commons to speak out against climate skepticism and against the Canadian government’s inaction on climate change.

Here is the video of his comments along with the full transcript below.

“Mr. Speaker, the manufactured controversy known as “Climategate” has now been debunked by five reviews, including Britain’s Royal Society and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. All concluded that scientists had not, as critics alleged, distorted scientific evidence about global warming.

A major assessment earlier this year from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences confirmed the relationship between climate change and human activities. It also warned of growing risks from rising sea levels, drought and disease that can only be addressed by quick action to reduce emissions.

That is why I encourage our government to accelerate its efforts through the clean energy dialogue with the United States and at the climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico.

As with the acid rain treaty of the 1980s, Canada can lead the United States and negotiate a Canada-U.S. climate change treaty that would allow us, as North Americans, to combat climate change and increase the likelihood of an international deal before the Kyoto protocol expires in 2012.

We need to act quickly and we need to act now.”


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