I have an idea… Revolution

Imagine enabling democracy in your hand – the ability to influence government decisions and policy by doing what we do all the time – playing on our cell phones. What if conservation became easier than rallies, protests, radical groups and letter writing? What if the ability to save ecosystems, species and ultimately humanity was put in the palm of your hand? What if the power returned to the people?
The idea:
Revolution is a mobile and social networking application that generates mass public support to sway government policy. Just as petitions have been effective in the past, Revolution facilitates public opinion on important environmental issues getting to governments in time to affect change on a massive scale.
Revolution reveals issues susceptible to public support, lets users vote through simple clicking, and counts down the votes necessary for governments to act.
Social networking “status updates” let friends know the issues people voted on, and how many of their friends have been enrolled, generating positive feedback as people compete to generate support for their causes. The application displays successes, so users see Revolution’s clicks affecting change all over the world.
Revolution uses our ubiquitous forms of communication to enable democracy, putting power back in the hands of the people.
What do you think?


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