Work Hard, Play Hard – NGO Party at COP-16

The much-anticipated NGO Party took place last night at Senor Frogs, a popular restaurant chain known for hosting a good party.  The NGO Party is an annual tradition where delegates relax after an intense week of lobbying, but where they can also get to know each other in a less formal setting.  Some government delegates also make appearances from time to time to mingle with NGO delegates.

NGO Party at COP-16

Attendees had the option of purchasing a wristband that allowed them to enjoy unlimited drinks while dancing to a great mix of upbeat music.  Some more adventurous partiers decided to go on the waterslide attached to the ceiling of the building, and were ejected into an enclosed section of the ocean just outside the building.  Canadian Youth Delegates showed off their moves on the stage and partied their way through a conga line, finally deciding to call it a night at 3a.m. in the morning, although some chose to take an impromptu detour to the beach and returned in the wee(er) hours of the morning.


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