CYD Podcast 6: Weekend Happenings at COP16

Welcome to our sixth podcast! Today, we cover a youth action on forest policy, an excerpt from our meeting with Canada’s lead negotiator (including his thoughts on Bolivia’s Marxist ideology), and important progress on what is known as “Article 6.” As well, we cover today’s Via Campesina-led march in downtown Cancun. One of the acronyms you’ll hear a lot in this podcast is R-E-D-D, or “REDD”. This stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, and is another hot topic at this conference.

You can hear more of our podcasts at our RSS feed, at, the NCRA, the Media Co-op, and Citizenshift! People have reported problems with getting the podcast on iTunes. An easy fix is to choose the “Advanced” tab, “Subscribe to Podcast,” and then paste this URL:

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  1. […] Meeting with Canada’s Lead Negotiator – up close and personal with policy Posted on December 6, 2010 by theawhitman We’re posting the audio from our meeting with Guy St.-Jacques, Canada’s lead negotiator, last Friday. WARNING: for policy fans only! If you want one short highlight, check out our last podcast. […]

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