Forests, More than just trees

Stephan Cronin

Forests are an important part of our world. They offer us clean oxygen to breathe and take out harmful carbon dioxide from the air. This is an important part of Canada as we are well known for our forests. Our staple tree is what represents our country to the world. Everyone should know which tree this is….THE MIGHTY MAPLE!

This is way it’s even more important for Canada to take a large lead and role in negotiations at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change. Strong language and targets need to become part of our efforts to help sustain and control our great forests.

Every year we hear about the crazy forest fires happening in BC or across Canada. So far this year we have had 7,041 forest fires, covering 3,262,151 hectares which is close to 32,000 square kilometers. To put that in perspective Toronto covers 630 square kilometers, 1/50th the size of forest lost just to forest fires. With an increase in world temperatures the risks of more, stronger and larger forest fires increase as well. This is a strong reason why Canada needs to be a leader when it comes to mitigation targets!

Canada needs to focus on keeping our forest systems healthy and maintaining our pride, our environment and our national symbol! As our national anthem says God keep our land, glorious and free! Let’s keep Canada looking Glorious!!


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