YOUNGOne: Into the Wild

Written by Robin Tress

Mass chaos errupted following Klimaforum this evening. As young activists tried to leave a celebration for young and future generations day, mob mentality took over and the leaders of the climate movement accidentally led themselves into the depths of the jungle. “The crowd started moving and everyone started mumbling about there being limited space on the bus. Things just got way out of hand,” said Lars Boggild of the Canadian Youth Delegation. “For a moment, I thought I was still stuck in the UN climate negotiations.”

The crisis was averted by the kind heart of a Klimaforum shuttle driver, and CYD’s own Erica Nickels’ vialiant efforts and skillful application of her multilingual talents.

Emilie Novaczek was quoted saying, “I was scared. I’m not ashamed. The thought of being lost in the jungle all night with nothing but a hammock and a semifunctional flashlight is not what I had in mind when I came to Cancun. Fact.” Thankfully, most of the delegates made it onto the bus, only a few had to wait for the next one 2 hours later.

George Stroumbolopolos was contacted for analysis. “It’s a good thing events unfolded the way they did. If the delegates were stranded on the outskirts of a hippie convention, this could have escalated to a foreign affairs disaster on the scale of the war of 1812.”

Amber Church, Director of the Canadian Youth Delegation, said, “It was a struggle of biblical proportions, but the team really played to their strengths and everyone made it home at the end of the day. This is the strongest delegation we’ve had in the history of CYD, and I couldn’t be more proud. Great work, everyone!”


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