Future for Sale – Costs are High, Prices are Low

Today at the UN Climate Summit in Cancun, the Canadian Boreal Forest, the Athabaska River, pollution permits, and valuable salmon stocks are for sale, all tax free! At the conference’s Young and Future Generations day the Canadian Youth Delegation, along with youth from around the world, is demonstrating that their future is up for sale.

Dressed as government leaders, they will be ‘selling’ Canada’s natural ecosystems to private buyers. “Indigenous rights, fresh water, and clean air, all for the price of one!”  They are satirizing the sale of the world’s natural and common resources as commodities available for corporate destruction. Other booths in the carbon market are selling the survival of Pacific Island Nations, the integrity of ancient Redwood forests, and structured carbon investment vehicles to haul it all home.

“Canada is subsidizing corporations which are destroying the ecosystems that are vital to our survival,” said Robin Tress, a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation. “By giving corporations the control to cut down our forests, take over our farmlands, and poison our rivers, we are losing valuable carbon sinks, food security, and water resources essential to the life of communities.”

UN climate negotiations are meant to be a forum for developing real and effective solutions to climate change.  However, many countries like Canada are using it to commodity the natural world. “Our government is doing everything it can to avoid transitioning to the fossil fuel free future that we need to prevent catastrophic climate change,” said Natasha Peters, a Canadian youth delegate. “Instead, our government is promoting complicated financial mechanisms full of loopholes, like REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), that allow corporations to continue to pollute while putting ecosystems that support communities on the market to be bought and sold.”

Salespeople urge, “Supplies are limited folks, if any of these products interest you don’t walk – jump in your SUV and speed all the way over!”

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